R1-Lite Gasket

A new generation 60% layout fully customizable budget mechanical keyboard with Lite Gasket mount design, hot-swappable, and the new RGB Music Rhythm. Comfortable flexibility, and a durable build to offer a premium experience at a budget friendly price!

Keyboard Structure

With the different experience of typing sounds and comfort with Lite Gasket Mount Design.

The amplitude of the gasket elasticity is controlled within 1mm, providing a firm and stable typing experience while adding a slight elastic character. The structural stability and rigid connections are on par with traditional keyboards, yet the gasket design provides a completely unique tactile sensation.

How Lite Gasket Mount Design Works?

Lite Gasket adopts flexible connection, the plane is fixed as a whole, the keyboard is fully supported around and in the middle, and the overall structure is more stable.

Mechanical Switches

Choose the different mechanical switches depending on your preferences

Product Specifications

What’s in the Box?

Dear friends,

There are many options for mechanical keyboards out there.
If R1 Lite is lucky enough to be your choice, we believe that it will live up to your expectations.