ICoMA Announces Nominees for 2014
The Independent Country Music Association of Nashville, TN has announced the nominees for 2014. Ross Key has been nominated in the following categories: Overall Country Music Artist of the Year, Best Musician, and Most Indie Friendly Venue/Festival (Ross' annual Spring Fling).

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"I am truly honored by the nominations this year and wish to express my sincere best wishes to all the nominees," Key stated.

2014 Ross Key Country Spring Fling A Huge Success
The 2014 Ross Key Country 3rd Annual Spring Fling was a huge success. Performers from around the country came in to take part, along with some of the biggest names in country music. Playing to a packed house the entire 12 hours with the parking lot full until the end of the show.

Ross stated, "I was just so humbled by the talent that performed, the fans and friends that drove hundreds of miles just to be there, and my band members that played behind everyone for the entire event. That's professionalism. I could never express my gratitude to Howard Yearwood (lead guitar), Tim Hood (drums), Wild Bill Colley (bass) and Troy Cantrell (relief bass) enough. I sincerely want to thank Matt, owner of Smitty's Bar & Grill on the Hill in Lebanon, TN for the use of his venue; his staff who was excellent; and, of course, the performers. All were on their game throughout the show."

The CEO of the Independent Country Music Association, Mr. Alan Shephard and district chapter president, Jennifer Robinson were on hand to thank Ross for his efforts to keep traditional country music alive. Shephard stated, "As CEO, I think I have the right to break a rule if I choose to." He turned to Ross, and continued, "The Spring Fling has once again been nominated for the ICoMA international award as "Best Country Music Festival" for 2014." Ross was speechless. Winning this prestigious award in 2013 was unexpected, and to be nominated again, his expression clearly revealed his surprise. 

Jennifer Robinson, local chapter president of the ICoMA, later stated, "You put on a great event yesterday, my friend. Looking forward to your next one."
As many of you know, Ross is a die-hard Traditional Country music entertainer. Browse the site, take your time to listen to his music and watch the videos, or browse through the photos of years gone by. Don't forget to join Ross' Mailing List to keep updated! News will be forthcoming soon on new and exciting endeavors.

The longstanding run of Ross' Traditional Country Music Show which was held on lower Broadway for one year will now be available in your city/town! We are in the process of scheduling shows around the country for 2014/2015 to bring you the finest in Traditional Country music. If you don't see a booking in your area, contact your favorite venue and have them contact Leigh Ward Management & Booking Agency at 512-922-5837. (www.leighwardmanagement.com)

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